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Better if We Don’t Study Now


Samantha Cruuz and you are laying down on bed. You both are studying, with books opened on the bed, but she starts to get bored. She looks at you with a naughty face and rests her head on your lap. She takes your hand and caress her body with it. Then, she goes down and looks under your skirt: she loves your underwear… but she loves your pussy more!She caresses your body and takes off your t-shirt. She starts to lick your nipples, making you feel horny. She massages your boobs and hers too. She sits on top of you and you touch her clitoris, making her enjoy the sex. She kneels on the bed and gives you a pussy licking, and then she introduces her finger inside of you. She turns around and you do a 69 position while you masturbate each other. You put together your pussies and rub against each other: this scissoring position gives you so much pleasure. You both come after this passionate sex!

Date: October 20, 2023